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Grinchmas Eve Office Box Template

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Grinchmas Eve Office Box Template

Grinchmas Eve Office Box Template


Highly requested Grinchmas Box templates are here!
Canva templates . You can use free canva or canva pro

****The photo is a mockup. Please read below what's included***

DISCLAIMER - You must know how to use CANVA in order to edit these files. These files are not compatible with microsoft word, design space, photoshop, cameo etc. NO instructions are included! However, I'm always willing to help.

All templates are on a 8.5 x 11 page for easy edit, download and print. Please make sure you print actual size.

This set includes the following templates:

Grinchmas Box top and front template (8x8 , 7.85x7.85 and 8x4 )

********TIP: you can download template as PDF and upload to photopea.com. Please make sure you install the grinchmas font found on dafont.com

These templates were originally made for Pink Palace Designs, however, they were modified for the creatives by demand. All the text and clip art, borders and background color are editable. If a piece isn't editable it's because it's a special shape.

Paper Koala 30lb 36lb or vinyl sticker paper all on amazon.

Any problems or need assistance please message immediately. I'm always here to help!

Please don't resell or share these templates. I worked hard to make these available to other creators. Yes! Create your own boxes of course whether for gifts or to sell. ❤️
Any questions please message me. Also, if you find that a template has a pro image and requiring you to pay please let me know so I can remove. These templates were made just for me and I used pro images and I converted for you guys so It's possible I missed one, but I triple checked. ❤️ I respond pretty quickly to answer any question or to assist with printing.

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